To Honor Them

by | Dec 27, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As they walk up to the wall
They stand very tall

They have come to check on and honor the ones that did fall
Some will break down and squall

Some will stand and stare
Others with the names on the wall, things they will share

Others will touch the wall with great care
As they remember, the things and times, the names on the wall and them did share

Though there may be noise all around
To them it is silent they do not hear a sound

To this site many a soul has came
When they leave they are not the same

Many leave with their minds at peace
Others leave knowing their minds will never be at peace

All that leave have one thing to say
It was a terrible price to pay

So to all that visit this wall, the names and it do not disgrace
Or you will probably get a punch in the face


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