To the front

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

To the front to the front
we were sent to the front
as canon fodder we
just young men and boys

To the front to the front
we moved up to the front
for over the top were we

bulits flying cracking of bombs
as over the top we went
and all to gain ground
we once had lost

and who now really cares

To the front to the front
all men to the front
the big push is about to begin

and we pass along a final smoke
and pass letters on with a grin
A filal word home a final goodbye

telling of heart felt love
and times gone by
and how the soldier beside me
was shaking with fear
as over the top
was just drawing near

well goodbye my dears
must get this away
as over the top
im going today

be over by christmas
we all have said
be home soon
love to edna and fred.


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