by | Nov 29, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

To The Garden, near the “Jackoozy”
No Skinny dips in sight,
Just Grippos eating chinky in the quite of the night.

To the Garden with the Robin who looks so overfed,
It’s a shame about the Goldfish we think he may be dead.

To the Garden with the jam-pot with the water flowing free,
Near the Pink Umbrella are you sure your not an RP.

To the Garden with Anchor and the Ensign flying high,
It’s a shame about the Navy it makes you want to cry.

To the Garden with the light house we send our best regards,
The peasants here in Gainsborough are stuck in our back yards!

In the Garden of the Randles we hear our favourite tune,
Tryarder Bay is calling and we’ll all be there quite soon.


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