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Toffee was a lovely cat
And she loved me, I’m sure of that.
She’d sit upon my lap and purr,
I’d scratch her head and stroke her fur
And she would snuggle close to me,
A little bit of ecstasy.
She always knew when things were bad,
She seemed to sense when we were sad
And she would come to comfort us,
Just be around, without a fuss.
A skinny Tabby, big green eyes
And neutered, to put off the guys.
She spent most of her time indoors,
She licked her bottom, cleaned her paws,
But that is what a cat will do;
I bet you couldn’t do it too.
She liked a stroke, but not a poke;
Was always there to share a joke.
A little dim, easy to fool her
But impossible to rule her.
She wasn’t very fond of food
It seemed to hurt her when she chewed
But once the vet had done her teeth
It seemed to give her some relief.
She didn’t like our Tortoiseshell,
The one we call the cat from hell.
They’d hiss and fight, yet in the night
They’d sleep together, curled up tight.
We had Toffee as a kitten,
She chose us and we were smitten.
She fitted in so easily,
A mainstay of the family.
And she was there for eighteen years,
She gave us joy and also fears.
She once got stuck up in a tree;
The firemen came to set her free.
Then she grew old and lost her mind,
So we decided it was kind
To take her to the vet one day
And now our Toffee’s gone away.
A gentle soul, a little friend
Who trusted us right to the end
And there won’t be another cat
That I will ever love like that.


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