Together as one

by | Jun 20, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Marooned deep in the space of your heart,
to fly heavens with the stars in your eyes
Running hands through gold of your silken hair,
we flow with sweet dreams, on feather cloud sighs.

I live my life in your radiant light,
whilst gazing through, your open door of love
Letting bodies meet together as one,
in love’s joyous nest of the soft white dove.

My fingers on your soft radiant skin,
as I gently touch, each soft curve and line
Feeling sensuous joys then radiate,
begin to pray that your soft flesh is mine.

Oh joy of dreams! I enter your dark realm
and it’s deep secrets are suddenly free
We fly the moon on vermilion slide,
I then become you, and you become me.


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