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When you cast your mind back
And think of times that are gone
Did you say something you didn’t mean
Does the memory linger on
Was it something really serious
Were you tired and temper high
When you punished perhaps a loved one
As they were passing by
When their only crime was words in jest
Which perhaps you misconstrued
And you dealt with the matter on the spot
Then dressed them down for being rude
But when you look back in retrospect
Have you joked yourself the same
And if you suffered retribution
You only had yourself to blame
For the path of life you only tread once
And it has it’s highs and lows
So you learn the meaning of tolerance
And forgiveness I suppose
With every day that passes
Life gets shorter still
So look to the far off horizon
Somewhere over the hill
As into each life a little rain must fall
From the Silver lining comes the Sun
Forgive and forget for the rest of your life
Which has only just begun


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