Tonga 1

by | Jun 12, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

High in the forest the coconut bird sang
And down through the valley its sweet chorus rang
Tonga the elephant boy gave his girl a hug
Cuddled together, like two bugs in a rug.

Just a mile away, stood a large water dam
Where fish and crocodiles all lived and swam
The water was slowly eroding the wall
They knew one day it would crumble and fall.

A mighty thunderclap and the rising tide
The soft green river bank then began to slide
Then sludge, the deep colour of the blackest ink
Oozed through its side, and the dam started to sink.

With screaming and wailing, the villagers ran
As the mighty dams death then slowly began
Water now rushing as this edifice fell
And the torrent flooded in a mighty swell.

Down the deep canyon, the fierce river did gush
Carrying all with on its violent rush
Nothing was quite safe from this life taking force
It cut through the jungle, diverting its course.

Nothing is safe, neither lion or elephant
Not even monkeys, as in treetops they rant
Mangoes and rubber trees crashing to the ground
Animals are running from this awesome sound.

{To be continued!}


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