Tongas Son Part 2

by | May 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Under a pale moon, and the starlight bright
With ferns for a bed, slept Abu one night
From out of the jungle, an awful sound
With sound of screaming, drums started to pound.

Over the jungle a deep ruddy glow
Burning the villages, row upon row
The hunters rampaging with knife and gun
Killing all gentle folk who tried to run.

Heard then the sound, of elephant in rage
For they had put Vaduz into a cage
Under that pale moon, they much did destroy
Even grave of Tonga: Father of boy.

Jungle was rent with a blood curdling sound
Onto their knees, hunters fell to the ground
As Abu the boy, in terrible rage
Releasing Vaduz, from his iron cage.

Beating his chest like his friend the great ape
Took vengeance on those that pillage and rape
Abu’s sharp spear was covered in blood
Many hunters fell, to die in the mud.

Came the morning, and a terrible sight
River was running with blood red and bright
Tall man was standing by Tongas new grave
This tall man was known, as Abu the Brave.


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