Tongas Son Part 3

by | May 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Could life for Abu then get any worse?
For he now felt he was under a curse
His great friend Vaduz had died in the night
From wounds inflicted in the gory fight.

Curling his trunk in a gesture so brave
Vaduz departed to elephants grave
Leaving Abu; so alone and forlorn
They had been brothers since Abu was born.

Deep into the jungle went the great man
To come to terms, and a new life to plan
Walking tall and with fierce animal pride
Villagers that saw him, all ran to hide.

Into a clearing, strode he without fear
To drink at a well, of water so clear
And a young maiden, with beauty and pride
Stood tall as he; this was his future bride.

Sophie the tall maiden, was without sin
And Abu knew, that her heart he must win
He then without care fell to his knee
To beg for her love, was this big mans plea.

With eyes downward cast and flush to her face
Sophie agreed with the sweetest of grace
Abu met her father, chief of the tribe
Asking for the hand of his future bride.

They then wed, after one year and a day
And both were granted for all they did pray
Happiness was theirs with nothing to lack
Abu then heard: cruel hunters were back.


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