Tongas Son Part4

by | May 22, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hunters camel train moved through the jungle green
On each camel back, looted gold could be seen
Shimmering diamonds, packed in bags of leather
Whilst strung behind, were slaves shackled together.

Eyes were watching from the green foliage thick
Band of pigmies, carrying skull-crushing sticks
Each had a blowpipe and thin poisonous darts
On strong agile feet, they followed the carts.

Such were the staunch brothers, of Abu the Great
And they followed the train; through the night late
Early next morning, the train began moving
Whilst in a clearing, Abus trap was woven.

Many the apes gathered high in the trees
All of them so quiet, just sniffing the breeze
So long into the day, all that could be heard
It was snakes gentlest hiss, or chirp of a bird.

Herd of elephants, led by Guru their king
Gently stomping feet, they then began to sing
So mournful a sound: The sound of pending death
The dark jungle was heard, to take a deep breath.

Into the trap, arrogant camel train came
Many the slave was stumbling, many quite lame
The roar of the elephants grew ever more loud
Then a shower of darts flew down on the crowd.

Wicked hunters galore fell dying or dead
And the pigmys clubs crushed many a head
Abu the Great, with his awesome spear ran in
Committing to death, those that did dare to sin.

Gorillas and elephants joined the bloody fray
Crushing and mauling many hunters that day
So much blood running, it came up to the knee
But all of the slaves were unshackled and free.

Abu the Great all covered in dark blood
Stood surrounded by friends, knee deep in the mud
Thanking them all, for their great courage and might
Assuring them, they had done right in Gods sight.


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