Too Many

by | Nov 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Too many faces, too much heartache
Far too many families left in pain
Who is to blame? What is the reason?
Once again our world has gone insane

All of them young, with life before them
Old wars, new wars, young people die
It’s always been so, down through the ages
The young ones are killed and the old ask why?

This didn’t happen way back in history
They have given their all for us today
Fighting for our freedom so we keep the right
To live without fear and to have our say

If you are too young to make sense of old wars
Look at these faces because these are now
Then multiply these by unknown thousands
Pray for them all when your head you bow

Just on one day a year please remember
All of those faces who you never knew
They gave their lives while doing their jobs
Could you do the same if it was asked of you?

Many are left who know what they go through
Being badly equipped and in a land far away
They too saw friends and comrades falling
Still having the nightmares and continue to pay

For a while each year in your busy lifetime
Stop and bless them, every woman and man
It’s not too much to ask for those who have gone
And support those still fighting in any way you can


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