Too Soon

by | Feb 9, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Dear Lord as you guide our soldier
To his resting place above
Please let him take fond memories
And most of all our love

Our hearts they have been broken
So much they can’t be mended
You called for our soldier far too soon
His life should not have ended

There are no words which can describe
The hurt we feel inside
No one can ever imagine
How many times we’ve cried

Our soldier meant the world to us
He gave us so much joy
Since he’s gone we’re all alone
We miss our precious boy

There were so many things
That we wished we could have said
But now these words are left as thoughts
And memories instead

If we had the power
To turn back the hands of time
We’d do this without hesitance
Then our lives would be divine

If our soldier may be permitted Lord
To send a simple sign
Then we’d know that’s he’s found peace
And that he’s doing fine

Our soldier may have left this earth
But in our hearts he’ll stay
There he’ll remain forever more
Until we’re reunited one day

Goodnight, God Bless Brave Heart RIP xxx


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