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When you think of a school in Newtown Connecticut
A nice location within the U S of A
The peace and tranquillity all around
Would be on your mind each day
For the school sits sedately surrounded
By the well kempt sports fields used frequently
When basketball and baseball they play
By students and adults in competition
Their various talents displayed in every way
The shrieks of laughter and delight sounded aloud
As each day’s lessons neared the start
For the youngsters education was the main criteria
Illustrated by Tutors with a big heart
Until that morning when everything changed
The sounds of tragedy filled the air
The un-believable happened in this quiet Town
And everyone was filled with despair
Violence beyond comprehension
For 26 lives that day were lost
6 Adults and 20 young children
What a terrible human cost
The Staff instinctively acted as only they could
All their young charges from violence to save
Sadly their efforts were all in vain
They died with the children, so brave
But though those dear souls are no longer here
Their memories will ever remain
If you close your eyes and concentrate
You’ll hear their shrieks of laughter again
But sadly for the relatives a hard task to bear
The loss of loved ones so young
For they were mere children of tender age
Their lives had only just begun
But I’m sure they’re in the company of Angels
And as those Relatives left behind nightly sleep
In dreams they might reach out and embrace their loved ones
As on their Heavenly watch with the Angels they’ll keep


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