Trapped in a Room

by | Oct 19, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’m frightened.
I’m trapped in a room.
They’re coming soon.
What chance do I have?
I’m petrified.
They’re here.
I need to be brave.

My heart beats like a rabbits foot,
My chest aches under the strain.
My fingers – tingling and numb.
Can I pull the trigger?
The time has come.

The entry point burns, but no pain.
I know my fingers work,
I can feel the recoil.
Another burning sensation and another.

The floor is cool on my cheek.
I can’t see them,
Their Islamic chants are fading.
I relax and it’s peaceful.
Blimey, this didn’t take long.
I’m nearly gone.
I’m trapped in a room.
Oh, before I go …
I love you.

Oct 2006


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