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You were brought home
On the wings of a metal angel
To your body’s final resting place
No fanfares marked your return
Only the booming pain in our hearts
That you were no longer ours
God had taken you to join His celestial forces
Our countries flag draped you
As my arms wished they could
For one last time

I slept by the metal tomb
That held your remains
Not the you I remember
But out of habit I slept by your side one last time
For you feared the dark the most
And somewhere in my heart I knew you needed me
That one last time
To help you leave and move on
As I had so many times before
Waving you off to war
With fear of your safety in my heart

But at least you’re home
Not left in some God forsaken spot
And I feel guilt
For many will not return
And I know where you rest
And have a place to go
Not a memorial
Not words on a stone
But a body in a grave
That I know was once you
And though I weep
I know I can always talk to you here
While others must touch a name
And wonder where theirs are

The silent sentinel is more for you than me
I have you home
And as he watches I feel safe to
And have an understanding of what you meant
Of someone watching your back
So you could rest
Secure in the knowledge that you were safe for a moment
Until the world comes crashing in
So I will rest now
And see you tomorrow
See you off one final time
And know that you are in good hands
When you arrive for your final posting
With our Lord


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