Treasured Words

by | Apr 9, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Imperious in gliding stance, upon the lakes reflected pose
Mute of name though not of sound, with neck extension carried proud
Brood of cygnet’s in her wake, as evidence of mating game
A named replacement poets quill, this Pen of feathered kind

Her beau floats by and dips his head, beneath the surface regal style
A Cob with amorous intent, immersed in water treading role
Of family Anatidae, with S shaped carriage tipped in black
Upon an orange ‘bill of sail’, with plumage white adornment full

Distant cousins bow respect and deign safe passage to the shore
Flotilla forms in fond salute, with bearing militaire
A Monarch’s reign they celebrate, all pretenders to the throne
In knowledge sure when on dry land, her whispered words are solid gold


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