Trust in Love

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh god I’m floating so high
above our humans dying
the ones left wondering why
and who are the ones REALLY lying?

I feel guilty everyday
when the bodies come back
I tell them I’m an ex soldier
but all I got was the sack

I am lost between anger and a pretend world
world that gives you peace then rips it from under your feet
I’m still young but I done my bit I thought
seen my boys put body parts back together so neat

we gw1 lads were so good to our enemy
we forgot our wives and kids
and watered and fed them
we made friends back then

now I’m grounded again
lost walking in my pretend world
amongst the peacefully insane
am I alone in my pretend world?

I look for your souls reflection in your eyes
thousand yard stare man
just empty void of life
seen to much for a young mans eyes

well now your home
and everything’s strange
let’s go shoot-up a gnome
sarge what’s the range
lads your gods best


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