Trying for the light

by | May 29, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

My tongue lashed soul whispers to yours
you need to find love my friend
go and open some doors
I’ll be with you till the end

I can’t give you back your body parts
but I can tell you
you’ve got souls in your hearts
you’ve got me why so blue

I’m not brave and I’m no fool
I was lucky I came back
part of you feels like a mule
now I’m gonna give our leaders the sack

Can’t think what to say
except I love you all
despite the wicked games they play
when they fell you stood so tall

Not that im brave
but im 35 and so old
I hope it’s our souls some may save
as the old stories were told

Respect I give to you
there is confusion due to lies
man I sit so blue
whilst another son dies

I’m a civvy now
oh shite
we will do this somehow
not just a fight

Stress is my beast
you have played your part
we have done our BEST at least
even if it is just the start.


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