Tunisian Sunsets

by | Jun 9, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Tunisian sunsets, the deserts allure, take the hand of an angel on this day and more!
The golden door is standing ajar, yesterday is forgotten on this tropical shore!
Listening to nightingale’s in the scented air watching fireflies’ dance it’s as if I’m there!
Oh man in the moon who do I love?
All of my past dissolves as I feel my blood flowing in this beautiful place!
Snakes goats and angels are swimming to the shore,
The mountain is grumbling in the storm and a silvery stream runs down the mountainside into the sea.
Falling blossom like snow is blown by the wind to the church door.
The heron stares into the water whilst the eagle soars above,
Clouds like cotton wool are forever changing shape in the sky,
A rainbow on the horizon leads to the life I once knew
Here in this place butterflies and starfish fly together in the skies,
Can I stay here for ever at least until I die?
Beggars and dreamers sit side by side whilst the artist picks up his brush and begins to paint
The swallows are returning to a perfect day!


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