Turning the corner

by | Dec 20, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

“Around the corner” is the magical place
That helps you get over the problems you face
It’s always been there just waiting for you
Just walk around it that’s all you do

On turning the corner you’ll probably find
All of your troubles are now left behind
They don’t seem to bother you not any longer
In fact your resolve grows stronger and stronger

But where is that corner I’d like to know
Those that have turned it don’t want to show
It’s like a dark secret kept well away
From all those who need it each minute each day

For thousands are searching in anguished belief
That once they have turned it they suffer relief
But the corner stays hidden away from their sight
As if it’s nocturnal and doesn’t like light

And if I should find it-this mythical bend
Will I be better-my problems all end
Or will it demand that I search once again
For the corner you turn to be rid of your pain


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