Twenty four hours

by | Sep 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Day break, birds are singing
Alarm clocks sounding wake up cries
Folk are stirring, beginning to wake
Wiping sleep from their eyes

Through the darkness the street lamps shine
A hazy; amber light
An eerie fog curls all around
As if creeping out of sight

Pavements dampened by the morning dew
Glisten in the dark
A prowling cat scurries away
Startled by a dogs rough bark

Birds perched on lamp posts
Perusing the world from up high
With keen eyes they silently look for their prey
Like silhouettes against the grey morn sky

Slowly the grey sky begins to fade
Sunlight starts to appear
Wisps of blue sky break through the cloud
Daylight drawing near

People setting out for work
Prepared for the day ahead
Night shift workers returning home
Tired and ready for bed

Children making their way to school
Mother’s gossiping on the way
They drag their feet and lag behind
They don’t feel like going today

The rush hour starts in earnest
Mayhem everywhere
Cars and buses filling the roads
Tempers start to flare

Between nine and five, a lull descends
The world seems calm once more
The daily grind runs smoothly
As people fulfil their chores

Evening now approaches
The daylight starts to wane
People start to head for home
In the rush hour chaos again

Day turns in to night once more
Families sit down for their evening meal
Children are bathed and ready for bed
Pleading for a few more minutes to steal

Night workers leave their family home
For a whole nights shift ahead
Their loved ones so tired, their day now over
Take themselves silently off to bed

Older youths roaming the streets
Bored and hanging about
Creating havoc and mayhem
With their antics, screams and shouts

Cats screeching, dogs barking
Trains passing by in the night
Two men swearing and shouting abuse
Angered and ready to fight

As darkness now envelops the world
There’s peace and calm at last
The world now slumbers peacefully
Another twenty four hours have passed.


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