Twere No More Aged Than Youth”

by | Oct 24, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oft’ wondered of the men I’d march’d beside
Throughout such time as term’d “our darkest hour”
Twere no more aged than youth (where years reside)
Yet ne’er a one when faced with fear, didst cow’r
No finer friends hath e’er encounter’d since
O’er Earth; tho I have roamed with searching eye
Twud be in truth a task to help convince
Of parity with those prepared to die
As admiration forms to leave enthrall
Each Sacrifice heroic in its way
Remembrance may be clouded in recall
Perchance would change if they could have their say
– “Twas ne’er intention to curtail our fight
Lest leaving of this world brought Peace in sight” –


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