Twisty socks and bendy pants

by | Oct 30, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Twisty socks and bendy pants, they make you cross they make you rant.
I’ve scoured the shops and searched the racks, in and out the same old tracks.
The lady in Woolworths thinks I’m dotty, the guy in Adams thinks I’m potty.
I look and look and search some more! YES! Oh no they only have size four.
They look like this green and grey; yes I know they’ve seen a better day!
I have to have some you just don’t understand, can’t go home till some in my hand
The screams the yells and angry cry’s, his rage will soar and temper does fly
I tried my best son to no avail, will go next week in the
January sale
We both have lots of learning, to understand each others lives and woes.
I promised I will try to keep finding socks, which won’t annoy your toes.
I trudge off home shattered and deflated, sorry son you just have to go naked!


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