Two Minds

by | Apr 21, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

On ceremony parade stand there still, thinking of the fields where men did kill
Glory and pride am standing there, memories of battle I’ll never share
Am standing there under a thousand eyes, but I see the pair of eyes begging not to die
Orders are shouted and we do our drill, orders are shouted we start to kill
Officers come round and give us praise, but I remember the sight with my rifle raised
I can no longer see the crowds in the stands, but only the soldier in my bloodied hands
As the officers approach they look at me, I remember the explosion of the IED
He looks at me up and down, lost count the soldiers who I treated on the ground
Months ago, I was here getting briefed, when he looks in my face does he see my grief
He asked me if I was still living the dream, the wounded on the ground I still hear them scream
He makes a joke about having some beers, I just want to be alone to shed my tears
He walks away and leaves me alone, I think of those who didn’t make it home
After inspection he walks away, I fear my mind in that war it’ll stay
The crowd is filled with the faces of unknown, but I only see those who are gone
Uniform of honour, is placed away, the memories of horrors are here to stay
As people go by their daily lives, I struggle through mine how can I survive


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