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Two minutes silence to remember,
For all those lost in war,
Never returned home to their families,
Never to be seen no more.

Was all the effort worth it?
Did they die in vain?
For all their families suffered,
It was those who felt the pain.

Two minuets silence,
For everlasting peace of mind,
To live together in harmony,
Now peace within our time.

For those who lost a loved one,
For all their tears they cried,
For the numbness that they felt,
When they knew that they had died.

Two minutes silence,
Is that all we have to spare,
For all the continuous torment,
Together they had to bear.

Although they fought on instinct,
Their thoughts must have been elsewhere,
Eager to end the fighting,
Thoughts of peace for all to share.

Two minutes silence to say thank you,
For there lives were not in vein,
For as we enter the spirit world,
We will be able to thank them once again


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