Two Platoon Contact Wait Out.

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2 platoon “Contact Wait Out”.

“Contact Wait Out.”
Two platoon goes to ground.
“Can anyone see the enemy.” Is shouted
As the platoon look around.
A machine gun post.
Dug in and well out of sight.
For the platoon to take this position.
It’s going to be a tough fight.
Platoon, twelve o’clock, two hundred metres.
Enemy machine gun post .
“Rapid fire”
The enemy now seen by most.
The platoon commander can now see.
Ground over to the right, is slightly higher.
He calls one section to move to the higher ground.
While they move, two sections give covering fire.
The onslaught of machine gun fire continues.
The ground all around being ripped to pieces.
As they desperatly try to return fire.
Their rate of fire increases.
With one section now dominating the high ground.
They start to lay down heavy fire.
The enemy machine gun post.
Relentless and doesn’t seem to tire.
After what feels like hours.
Two and three section can move forward.
Eventually breaking down to fire teams.
But not until their ordered.
Finally the machine gun post is destroyed.
Still, both sections fight through the position.
They cease firing, and dominate the ground.
Time to do a head count, and check ammunition.

Success, and no one is injured.
The machine gun post wiped out.
With there speed and valour.
Victory was never a doubt.
Ammo counted and redistributed.
Everyone checked and rested.
It’s time to move on and support 3 platoon.
Support has been requested.

Gutsy, professional and courageous.
Poachers at their finest, never giving in.
When in battle with the enemy.
Every battle they must win.

Gordon Duff©


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