Tyne Cot

by | Feb 24, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sun shines down on those below
All stood to attention, in perfect row
Neatly aligned, standing perfectly still
No movement here, in the winters chill

It is peaceful now, in that sunshine bright
With those ranks lined up, from left to right
I see no regiments, as I stand here alone
Only row after row of white tombstone

Each one bears the name, of one of the best
Many comrades in arms, now laid to rest
Commonwealth Forces, that refused to yield,
Lie here, now at peace, in this foreign field

Twelve thousand souls lie here in Tyne Cot
In this Belgian field, never to be forgot
Unselfishly, their lives, they gave for liberty
For security, and freedom, for you and me

And after all these years, the fight goes on
Countless battles are fought, and wars are won
For our freedom, lives are lost, with regret
So be proud of our troops, but never forget


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