Ultimate Dream

by | Dec 13, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The ultimate dream for me as a lad
A Soldier I wanted to be
To follow the Family tradition
As part of the British Military
My Dad, Grandad & Uncles
All serving men were they
The did their time in uniform
Much like the lads of today
For some their Honoured Regiments
And their Heroes long since gone
Victims of amalgamation
But Family pride still carries on
So I signed on the line for 22years
A Lifetime man I wanted to be
To enjoy my life in a career of my choice
In the hope that the World at large would I see
The training was hard, but I coped with that well
As had all my relations before
For I knew that all the skills that I learnt
Maybe my lifeline in any Theatre of War
But since that time many postings I’ve had
On a War footing or keeping the Peace
But sometimes here in the United Kingdom
When those particular Hostilities were to cease
I’ve seen cruelty and horrors beyond imagination
But I’ve also witnessed Happiness and Joys
When you liberate a country from oppression
And see a smile on the face of the girls and boys
On the down side I’ve lost some best mates in battle
At times I admit I broke down and cried
As they returned home in a Union Flag covered coffin
But for me it released the deep emotion I stored inside
And now as I come to the end of my Service
22 years I’ve served the Country ,Flag and the Queen
In my head will I retain the scars of Service, for Life
Of the Death and Destruction I’ve many times seen
But I count myself among the lucky ones
For I have been to the gates of Hell and back
And if I was asked to do the same thing again
I know no enthusiasm would I lack
But I know when I walk through the closing Barrack Gates
At “Attenshun” I’ll stand in Silent Tribute
To all my mates and colleagues that made the Ultimate Sacrifice
And give them all just one long Final Salute.


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