Un-requited Love

by | Jun 27, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why do you sit and search your soul
Recalling events that have passed
When you lived each day without a care
How long would your happiness last
The future was there on the horizon
The world was your oyster it would seem
Then a special someone entered your life
Could this be the answer to your dream
Each single day a joy to behold
To enjoy each day as it came
Forgetting events that had now passed
Your life may never be the same
Could you really live on love alone
You were willing to give it a try
For each time this person entered your thoughts
It brought a twinkle to your eye
You walked life’s path with a spring in your step
Romance in your heart every day
And really believing this would last forever
Would your life always stay this way
But then as so often happens
The light of love seemed to grow dim
Was the flame of your friendship about to extinguish
Could it be the fault of you or him
Trying to analyse where loves ardour had cooled
Where was the weak link in love’s chain
Could you rekindle the flames of passion
Knowing your hopes may be dashed again
For life’s road is littered with hearts that are broken
Until they are picked up again to mend
By someone who understands the pain and the torment
Who may eventually become your lifelong partner & friend
As you walk off into the Sunset
Hand in hand as you watch the Sun descend
Ever hopeful of a life spent together in love
It’s the way most love stories end


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