Unrequited Love

by | Aug 10, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

All of my life
Never met a man like you
An angel disguised as a man
Your capacities for kindness
Sensitivity towards others
A rarity in this world
All of my life
Never encountered
A man like you
Finally, someone I can relate to.
You stir romance in me
Like no one else before
I could be with you
For hours at sunset
Embraced in your tender touch
Talking, laughing, romancing
Feeling the warmth of your smile
Gazing into your eyes
How I long to be
Your lover and your friend
Running my fingers
Through your hair
The heat of your lips on mine
But you,
You don’t love me
Like I want to love you.
You, you just want friendship
All of my life
Never came across
A soul like yours
How I wanted to grow old in your arms
But you,
You don’t love me
Like I want to love you
So these boundaries will never be crossed
Because you, you just want friendship
Why must I have these feelings?
I always thought I’d be with you
Why are my instincts flawed?
You, never settle for less
Than a beautiful woman
With a kind soul
Who will cherish you
Like I would have


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