Unsung Heroes

by | Jan 2, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

To join the Army was my choice
No other career ever on my mind
For I looked forward to seeing the World
For the unusual sights I might find
And once in Uniform I filled with pride
Would the decision I’d made be right
As I served my Queen and Country
Well armed and ready for the fight
Then I served in many theatres of War
Battles fought in a Foreign land
Where Man’s brutality to Man
Was difficult to understand
Whilst engaged in conflict you are ever alert
Trying to think the next stage ahead
To avoid the obstacles and booby traps
Or you may be a casualty or even dead
But when perhaps your last Tour is over
And home once again you return
To a Medical Officers examination
Your Mental condition is some cause for concern
And even in the fiercest of battles
Not one injury or wound did you receive
And because your body was void of physical scars
It is difficult for others to conceive
That locked inside the frame of your body
There were Mental scars Oh! so deep
From the atrocities and horrors of Combat
And many for Life you’ll have to keep
But sadly now the decision has been made
Your Military Career has come to an end
As you’re declared unfit for active duty
No longer able, your Country to defend
It is now that your thoughts you try to gather
What will happen to my future in life
How will I look after my Children
And care for my ever loving Wife
To return to Civilian Life was always difficult
To accept for any ex Military Man
For many had no knowledge of Life outside the Army
Before their Service Life began
So now as you sit indoors and alone
With eyes tightly closed , deep in thought
You witness the slaughter, the noise, smell the Cordite
Of many previous battles you’ve fought
The cries and screams of men injured by mines
As you stand over their bodies overwrought
For they were your mates at that time of conflict
Together you always fought side by side
But now you silently reflect on those friendships
And honour those colleagues that died
You try to be rational and sort out the turmoil
That repeatedly comes to your mind
Hoping that in the very near future
Someone a solution will find
To end the problems of a Soldier in torment
For his return to a normal life
To enjoy the laughter and play with his children
And the warm caress of his ever loving Wife
But fortunately now there may be help at hand
For many who suffer this condition every day
Such as Combat Stress and other organisations
Tirelessly working PTSD to allay
For many of the victims are our unsung heroes
No Medals or Honours did they seek for the task
They just wish to return to their former life
Is that too much to ask.


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