Upstairs tonight

by | Aug 9, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

There’s a hell of a noise upstairs tonight
There’s glasses being raised it must be a sight
The cheers and the laughter are loud as can be
As Mum is welcomed by friends and family

One by one they queue to say hi
The family, her friends so many gone by
Her face is a smile, her eyes are so bright
As heaven is graced by a new star tonight

Her laughter rings out and the hugs are so fine
the love in her soul forever to shine
She dances and twirls with one then another
A beautiful lady a wonderful mother

And as we sit back and imagine this sight
We can’t help but smile with joy and delight
We sit with a glass and we raise one to you
God bless to you Mum from all of your crew

Now all of us here are a wee bity sad
We miss you, we love you and loved what we had
But we will be fine and happy to know
That you are at peace and were ready to go

So tears and sore hearts will stay for a while
As all of us mourn in our personal style
We’ll think of the times when we laughed and we cried
Sitting back in our chairs a bit bleary eyed

So all of our love Mum we love you so much
Always remembered by those who you touched
We’ll chat to you daily and under star light
God bless you and keep you, we love you night night


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