Urban Breakdown

by | Sep 21, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Urban breakdown, society in turmoil,
we used to live simply, off the working man’s toil.
Communities stuck together, in good times and bad,
Good family values are what we had.

Then life became too busy, chasing materialistic ideals,
no time to talk to each other; over family meals.
Greed and selfishness crept in,
and living together was no longer a sin.

Money and false celebrities became the gods,
and going to church was no longer mod.
People became indifferent
and good friends distant.

Now we have so many lives in a muddle,
with so many young mums left to struggle.
What happened to free love, the 60s dream?
Why did our lives turn out so mean?

How sad to see so many relationships fail.
No one said the liberal life, would have such a sting in the tail.
Whether you live in the country the city or town,
we are all paying the price of the urban breakdown.


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