Valentines Day

by | May 8, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

With all my heart, there is one thing I pray
My love is with you on Valentines Day
Love is a mixture of joy and of fear
Where many a smile will follow a tear

Love is the ecstasy of touch and feel
Mostly so wondrous other times unreal
Soft as the kiss of a warm summer breeze
As it lilts and flows through tall whisper trees

Heard in the trickle of green meadow streams
Floats softly in the mind like childhood dreams
Love is soft sound of a sweet infant choir
Yet hot as embers in a glowing fire

Fierce love is the might of dark raging storm
Joyful as the touch of a child new born
Love is creation of a world as one
A fullness of life so filled with fun

The bright silver dewdrops on blades of grass
That utmost feeling that will never pass
A jewel of beauty on bed of silk
The full smooth richness of a mother’s milk.

But never has there been a love so true
Than this the love darling I feel for you
With joy that grows stronger every way
Love will be with you each Valentine Day.


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