Valuable Time

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Dad’s been working late again, my dinner’s cold in my tum,
He often gets quite irritable, and sometimes shouts at mum,
Why won’t you take a break dad? Take us to the zoo or sea,
We need to feel more a part of you, mum, little sister and me.

I often lay in bed, watching the car headlights go by, in the night,
Wondering each time if you, would just happen to be that light,
Your voice, “I’m home,” is enough to clear a tear from my eyes
But mostly I’m asleep, when you get in, off to school before you arise

My homework’s not done, though mum tries her best,
I need help with my spellings, and in maths there’s a test,
My school life’s a mess, I can’t cope with this muddle,
Will one small life less help mum in her struggle?

I don’t blame you for working hard, I know it’s for the family good,
But please take it easy Dad, you really, really should,
Yes, you do work far too hard, in this world of push and shove,
Whatever time you get home though, there will be a cuppa and all our love.


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