Virtual Millionaire

by | Dec 21, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

How many times I’ve wondered
Why do I write these words in Rhyme
Is it a little gift I have
That helps to while away my spare time
For so many subjects Oh! so varied
Have fallen prey to me
And I try to turn them into an image
In the hope that others might see
The message that I’m sending out
In the pictures that I paint
Sometimes of very sad moments
But others of scenes so quaint
The sadness and the horror
That is all a part of the Life we live
Against the Happiness and joy that abounds
And the encouragement it might give
To others who dread the hand of Fate
When dealt what seems a losing hand
To find out that hope springs Eternal
And it is then that they understand
What some may take for granted in life
Many find a painstaking chore
But knowledge is a great levelling field
As misfortune may have hit them before
But the one thing in Life that I have personally learned
Great wealth does not Happiness make
To be rich in the pocket is not always the answer
When vital decisions you may have to take
And if I were asked to give advice one day
To someone penniless and in the depths of despair
I’d say if they had Love Health and Friends in abundance
Without doubt they are a virtual Millionaire


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