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The year is 1950; the second world has been over for five years,
Molly lives alone in a tiny cottage, by the river Dee,
Rob her fiancée died in action October 6th six years ago in France,

A chilly autumn evening finds Molly at home feeling restless,
She opens the back door and steps outside,
It’s a blustery night; the wind is rushing through the reeds.
She walks along the riverbank deep in thought with her memories of Rob,
Singing voices are in the reeds, water laps gently at her feet,
She listens carefully, someone is calling her,
Imagination is coupled with her aching heart!
A moments hesitation, then she’s turning back,
With a shrug of sadness she enters her cottage door,
The familiar hearth, bright and cheerful, welcomes her home!

Thirty years have passed, and she’s still waiting for Rob’s return!
The creeping roses around the door comfort her, the low stone wall she built so carefully encircles her tiny garden reassuringly.
The cat, her books and possessions greet her like familiar friends, waiting in the silence for her touch!
The cat slowly uncurls and jumps up to be stroked,
She sits down with a sigh and is dozing within moments!

Someone is tapping on the window; she looks up and sees Rob!
Her heart pounds with a remembered passion!
“Come outside, I’m waiting for you” it’s Rob’s voice!
Her heart is sure as she opens the door yet nothing greets her but the howling wind!

Back inside again with her memories, and Rob’s eyes are watching her from the photograph on the mantle, they seem to dominate the whole room!
It’s midnight already, another sleepless night lies ahead,
She picks up the bottle that has sat on the shelf for ten years.
Molly says a poignant goodnight to her cat and goes upstairs with her potion!
Once in bed the freshly laundered sheets settle around her tiny form like a shroud!
The hooting of the owl is the last thing she hears at the end of her life!


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