Waitin’ A Memorial Day poem

by | Nov 4, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

When ya comin’ home dad?
I’m waitin’ by the door
mommy says you’re far away
fightin’ in a war.

I guess one day I’ll understand
but now I don’t know why
there’s pictures on the TV news
says another soldier’s died

I’m bein’ a brave little soldier dad
jus’ like you asked me to be
mommy says you’ll be ok
I jus’ want you home with me

What if you’re the next one
and why is mommy cryin’
she’s just told me things are fine
I hope she wasn’t lyin’

Cos two men came at noon today
an’ they were dressed like dad
mommy had to sit down fast
their faces looked so sad

I watched them for a little while
and then I smiled real wide
cuz I heard my daddy tell me
not to be upset inside

So, when ya’ comin’ home dad?
I’m still waitin’ by the door
mommy says you died today
but I still don’t know what for


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