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Rocky Balboa climbs into the ring
The Big man already awaits the champ
The pipes played as he swaggered in

No nerves are shown on their faces
Just steely looks ready to go through the paces
The ref calls them in
Rocky lets out a grin
The big man replies with the same

The pleasantries done
The bell tolls for round one
We head for the middle
We aint going to diddle
It’s a fight in the middle

Rocky unloads a ferocious left then a right
The big man stands stock still
He spits out a tooth
Well it had been quite loose

The big man now returns
A left then a right followed by a head butt
Un-intentional I am sure
But he is fighting Rocky

A scrap now ensues
No one wants to lose
The fighters fight a fight that will never be forgotten

Ding ding goes the bell
They have both been through hell

Wake up you clutz
Get a hold of your nuts
Can’t you hear the bell?
Its raining hell

They have decided to attack
The mortar alarm goes yak yak
Grab your kit and yourself
And get under your bed
You don’t want to end up dead

I pause for a mo
I think oh no
Who won the fight?


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