War Poem

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Poetry | 0 comments

“The gunshots be gushing by burst of fire”
“after the other with fallen around the darkness of the mud of blood and sheer horrifying sadness of the deepest seas by the longing of screams of our brothers not being able to get to our flowers”. “For what sheer sights of seeing. This be my lost Words. “For of what caught me was the longing of every second”. “seemingly like a slow motion play with every grasping of captivating what you can to save from pending hell fire. “Such our shots be a limited to flank was order of losing more then every hand of could carry”. “Be our hearts raced like this day. While passing our fines of our hair of the lower sunk you were the faster you seemed blending by nature”. For no choices made of the madness running my head of every fresh move was another darkness of my hands journeys. remember holding together to pray for the nothing of what could I do. The lights of the darkness fade and blooming by over leaf our hearts were full like a silenced within of comprehension to life of my hands in holy heart a light bloom of white like another break in the darkness for the beam of this light a white bird of silence passing over for all brothers fell silenced of our barrels that some stood to there feet as in much amazement as much pure of glory be to our peace while the tide soon changed and the others of our foes we found a light to see this beauty of natural moments on that our passing be had and stranger moments came they left and passed off after this shaking hands bearing whites to shake in love and cuddle and family comes before a war of fair for
My mind was shot but never had I’d witness to something of beauty but then remember the simplest of things I prayed this day to a quick end…..


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