Warm Summer Days

by | Aug 12, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

In summertime when days are long
And sunshine warms the soul
We never think of winter’s grasp
And long nights black as coal

Our bodies seem more flexible
When kissed by summer skies
We bend and smell the flowers
Like human butterflies

No task can make us mope and moan
As winter seems to do
We tend our gardens.cut our lawns
And still feel fresh and new

Warm summer nights are best of all
With friends we sit and chat
Raise a glass or two of wine
And talk of this and that

As weaker grows the summer sun
Enthusiasm slows
We seem to draw within ourselves
As if our body knows

But let’s dismiss these gloomy thoughts
Whilst summer sun shines through
The grass and hedgerow need a trim
There’s such a lot to do


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