Watch what you eat !

by | Feb 14, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Global warming, icebergs melting,
Icepacks break away.
This story’s of an Eskimo,
Who had a real bad Day.

He woke up in his igloo,
Adrift, and all at Sea.
No food upon his iceflow,
Can’t shop like you or me.

Drifting down the Gulf-stream,
The ice it soon was gone.
He climbed into his skin canoe,
His food supply was ‘ None ‘

Weeks at Sea, his hunger Fierce,
His boat of skin he ate.
He chewed it till it all was gone,
His craving did abate.

So now alone upon the Sea,
Swimming bit by bit.
The moral of this story being,
‘ You can’t have your Kayak and eat it ! ‘


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