Watching the Summer Sun

by | Aug 25, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Watching the summer sun
It is so hard to believe I am fighting in World War 1
I sit in my trench in line with the French
It’s a pity that my feet are drenched

I look upto the sky
The planes they fly on by
A dog fight ensues I hope our boys do not lose
They loop the loop and fire their guns
Without the shooting it looks like fun

It all goes quite and still the sun streams on down
I wonder what the weather is like in Edinburgh town
My thoughts drift off to home
My poor old wife at home and all alone with the kids
My oldest boy he’s raring to join in this fight
We try to dissuade him to stay away from this fight
I tell him this is no place to be
But he wants to come out and join me

My thoughts are off home and my seat by the fire
And my lovely wife of whom I so desire
I didn’t hear the sniper fire
I died that day with her on my mind
Sitting there just watching the summer sun


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