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Silent, invisible, I lie in solitude.
None can see me. I am a ghost.
The camouflage I wear hides me.
The stillness of my body conceals me.

I see things here that few have seen
I hear things here that few have heard
The stillness of the countryside surrounds me
Its beauty is not lost on me.

A kestrel lands above my head
A far better killing machine than the man below it
All cruel beak and sharp claws
With eyes sharper still.

A deer crashes through the undergrowth beside me,
Rigid, it smells me, but does not see me,
knowing danger lurks Eyes bulging, muscles twitching under its bristling fur
before bounding off again never seeing what scared it

An owl slips silently through the air towards me
even it’s eyes unable to pick me out,
as I sit transfixed I see its soft feathers rippling in the air currents
until within a silent breath, it is gone.

Day passes, the sky reddens then darkens.
Still I lie, listening now to the cries of the night
The sounds of the night creatures all unaware
of the new creature within their midst

The fox approaches me, stalking a prey unseen
All colour drained from it by the bright moonlight
I hear it’s breath as it passes me by,
and shiver at its shrill call.

The snuffling badger bimbles by
Scratch, scratch, scratch it digs
at the earth searching for food,
or perhaps a new set before it moves on by into the night dark

All too soon the sky reddens again, another night through
The song birds herald the sun’s first ray
More hours of boredom, of watching,
I wonder…What will nature show me today?


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