We all stand together

by | Jun 10, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

We swore our allegiance to queen and country
But to each other we made a vow
That no matter what, we’d look out for each other
Forever, always, now

A band of brother’s we swore to be
To be strong right to our core
So whenever a brother should need that strength
We’d stand together for sure

So call on us brother, we’re here for you
Use our strength and fight
You’re in our thoughts, our hearts and prayers
Brother; you’re going to be all right

That fighting spirit runs through your veins
Don’t let those bastards win
We’re there with you, right by your side
Brother don’t ever give in

We’re fighting for your honour
As true brothers we’ll go on
We’ll take them out, we’ll make them pay
Every single one

We’re rooting for you brother
You know what you must do
You’re going to make it, that’s a fact
Let our strength help pull you through

Don’t give up on us brother
For we swore we’d stand together
Side by side, brother’s in arms
Now, always, forever


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