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The war clouds were gathering all over Europe

Everyone dreaded what the future might hold in store

Then an assassination took place in Sarajevo

And immediately the whole continent was pledged into war

The call went out to the young men of our nation

To be prepared to fight and to give their all

There were thousands prepared to do their duty

Many. many thousands who responded to the call

They were quickly trained and sent out to meet the foe

To help their allies fight to defend their land

They thought it would all be over very quickly

But things didn’t turn out as it had been planned

The battles raged for months over “no man’s land”,

Both armies being prepared to stand their ground

The winter rains bogged them down in their trenches

It seemed that no way of progress could be found

Many thousands lost their lives on Flander’s fields

Responding to the orders that they received

But we know now that many lost their lives in vain

And the planning of the Generals was misconceived

Many of them had medals pinned on their breasts

Their only reward for the bravery they had shown

They had no idea what the future would hold

But they hoped that their deeds would become known

There were some who had given their lives in battle

Their names placed on memorial plaques throughout the land

But those who had been maimed by gas or shell

Soon became part of a forgotten band

We should never forget those who lived to tell the tale

They may have had scars that no-one could see

Remember that they were prepared to fight and die

To ensure a world of peace for you and me

But this peace was very quickly shattered

And once again war raged throughout the Earth

Once again thousands rallied to the colours

To show what they thought peace was really worth

Let us hope we have seen an end to global conflict

Let us hope that the efforts of the diplomats prevail

Their is still so much more for them to do

The consequences are dire if they should fail


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