We Remember

by | Jan 10, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

We remember the son’s, who went to war,
We remember those son’s who we will see no more,
For all the children who were not born,
Because of the bodies that were ripped and torn,
We remember the families who gave their son’s,
Cut down in their youth, by man-made guns.

How futile after all these years,
War is still with us, full of sorrow and its tears,
Let us not forget the loved ones, who cried,
As their sons died together, for death takes no side,
We must learn from the lessons of war,
Fighting and killing, should be no more.

Let us remember with pride,
Never to forget those son’s who died,
Life is like a flower; it grows from a seed,
We live on experience, that is all we need,
Wipe out the violence, the sorrow and pain,
Never to lose our son’s again.

So on this there special day,
Bow our heads and let us say,
Father, help us to see the light,
Guide our thoughts through out the night,
For all our loved one’s lost in war,
Give us the strength to fight no more.

Bless every son shot in battle today,
Your love and strength will show them the way,
Finally, Father, we ask you to show,
Your son’s on this earth, the way they should go,
Father, give us the knowledge for war to cease,
Therefore, the brother and brother can live in peace.


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