We Will Remember Them

by | Nov 8, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

At the cenotaph our Queen will lay
The first Remembrance wreath
In her mind the men and woman
Who fought and died for her beneath

The small red paper flower
With a plastic green stem
Every year at the 11th hour
We will remember them

Back then it was over the top
But now there is no muddy trench
Will our loss in Afghanistan ever stop?
It makes our countries heart wrench

Wear it with pride on your chest
The small red flower to remember
Shoulder to shoulder with the rest
On this special day in November

Remember them for what they have done
The half mast flag, and going down of the sun
Their life has stopped, no more bullet or gun
The sleeping soldier’s battle has now been won

Remember them for they have bled
Wear with pride, the small flower of red
Tears for a loved one, will now be shed
Never coming home, a long time dead…..


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