Wear your Poppy with pride

by | Nov 11, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

How many brave soldiers we have lost since world war two did end
How many pilots, air crew and sailors died in their willingness to defend
their loved ones left behind at home in the land which the enemy tried to gain
Show your support for all our forces that they did not die in vain

Wear your poppy with the greatest of pride for those that gave their all
And for our brave men and women that still go to war even knowing they may fall
An act of remembrance for all the young men who choice they had but none
Remember them always every morning and at the going down of the sun

Wear your poppy for the old soldiers who will be on parade in the morn
Thinking of their comrades who died before their time, all gone before the dawn
So very few of the ‘few’ are left who gave so much in the trenches and the rain
Be kind when you see them shed a tear, time does not heal the pain

My dad and brother, my brothers in law, my cousins, and nephew too
All served their time in foreign lands and I pay my respects to all of you
All our men came home from wherever they served without injury or death’s hand
Not so for many families who lost their sons and husbands in some far foreign land

Our brave young people now have a choice whether to go to war and despite what they have seen
And knowing all those dangers they are still proud to serve their country and their Queen
The least we can do is stand for two minutes together as they did long years ago
And wear your poppy for all who gave us the freedom to enable us to do so

Respect also to the parents and siblings of those that don’t come home from war
These brave young heroes who lose their lives, for families it’s all so raw
Our thoughts are with you often; especially on this day when for 2 minutes war is put aside
And for all your brave husbands, sons and daughters I will always wear my poppy with pride

Did we really learn nothing from all the many wars that have gone past?
Will we ever really say, the war to end all wars, and this really is the last
If only so much effort was spent trying to live together in peace
And once and for all the guns would stop and all the battles would cease

© Dee Edwards MBE – 10th November 2010


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