‘Wee Elf’s Flute.

by | May 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Today, a fairy gave me a wee flute
For Im an elf dressed in a green suit
And on my dear flute, sweet wee tunes I play
From early morning and right through the day
Ill play tunes to dance to, others to sing
You can join in, on your wee ding-a-ling
Wee birds can all chirp with their happy song
And, our wee band will play, all the night long
Squirrels can beat time on hazelnut shells
The cows in the field can ring their cowbells
Flowers in the breeze can dance to the tune
Red fox will howl at the full silver moon
Rabbit will peep, from out of his burrow
Saying with a yawn Is it tomorrow?
I put my flute back in its tidy pouch
Falling to sleep on a green velvet couch
Day has gone by so very quickly it seems
God bless you all, and the sweetest of dreams.


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